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Thursday, April 27, 2006

No representation without taxation

How many believes Bob's tellin' the truth? Then you'll believe this. If you wanta hear somethin' sacrilitigious, well, lemme tell ya that Rev. Bob's First Fried Church of Secular Humorism is a fully tax-liable pseudo-religious instimatution, and we're proud to pay our taxes, and we think all citizens, and corporations, and businesses-- including organized religions-- oughta pay their taxes, too. Because in this country religion is big business, and big business is religion.

And ya know, the Constitution says that we shouldn't give any special favors to any religious groups, but we tell 'em they don't have to pay no taxes. Now that sounds like a special preference to me.

Now, don't misunderhand me. I believe in separation of church and state (not a full divorce, just a separation). But there are some religious groups out there not payin' any taxes that are tryin' to tell the gov'ment what to do. Now, I'm not sayin' that we oughta tax 'em, 'cause they have to decide for themselves if they want to pay their fair share of taxes like everybobdy else. And if they don't want to pay 'em, that's fine,too-- but then they should butt the heck outa the gov'ment, 'cause in this country, there is no representation without taxation, saith Bob!


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